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Creating a Sound Proposal Budget

Self-Paced eLearning

The budget is often the most challenging part of a proposal, even for fundraisers who’ve mastered the “writing” part of the process.

To answer that challenge, we’ve created this online course to walk you through each step in preparing a project budget for your next grant proposal. With templates and plenty of examples, we’ll demystify the whole process and offer guidance on what funders really want to see in your budgets.

This self-paced, self-directed course goes beyond the basics to answer your most frequently asked questions on budgets, such as:

  • How do I allocate time for staff working across multiple projects?
  • When can I include indirect costs and how do I know how much to add?
  • Why do funders ask for details on income and what do I need to show them?
  • How do I account for in-kind donations?

Note this course focuses solely on project budgets created for grant proposals.

This course was created with Foundation Center subject matter staff experts.


After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Outline the standard components of a project budget
  • Determine the full costs for a project
  • Allocate appropriate staff time in project budgets
  • Know when and how to include indirect/overhead costs
  • Craft the income side of a project budget, including in-kind support
  • Complete a project budget to submit with a proposal
  • Adapt your budget to fit funder guidelines

Bonus Materials: Sample budgets and worksheets for completing your own budget.

Intended Audiences:  Social sector development staff and other fundraisers with under three years experience will benefit from this session, as will finance staff unfamiliar with proposal budgets.

Length: Estimated time to complete this self-paced, self-directed eLearning course is no more than one to two hours. You will have access for 60 days.

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