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Leveraging Leadership for Social Media Success

Self-Paced eLearning
Longer term

Learn how social media ambassadors can add value to your online activities.

In this new online course, we’ll show you how social media ambassadors can add value to your online activities, especially as it relates to fundraising. 

Social media ambassadors come from inside and outside your organization. In fact, being socially engaged is fast becoming a required skill for social sector leaders.

If your executive director is on social media engaging with funders, policymakers, colleagues, and other stakeholders, that can contribute to building your organization’s credibility and reputation. We’ll show you how to get there in this course, and also give you a strategy to launch your social media brand ambassadors program to engage external stakeholders. In one or two-person communications departments, mobilizing ambassadors inside and outside of your organization will significantly expand your reach and influence on social media. 

Leveraging Leadership for Social Media Success lets you learn at your own pace on your computer or mobile device. 

This course was created with content from subject matter expert Beth Kanter, Master Trainer,  Speaker, Author, and Blogger.

Course Outcomes:

  • A social media ambassadors plan for staff and board
  • Strategies to facilitate adoption of the plan by internal stakeholders
  • Draft guidelines for staff and board members’ personal use of social media
  • Leader’s personal brand strategy
  • Leader’s social media elevator pitch/Twitter profile
  • Techniques to identify and recruit social media ambassadors outside of your organization
  • Strategy and timeline for ambassadors’ continued engagement and involvement

Intended Audience: Communications staff, Marketing staff, Development staff, Program staff, Social Entrepreneurs

You may also be interested in Social Media for Leaders: Find Your Voice: Offered as a companion to Leveraging Leadership, this course offers numerous tips and strategies to develop and encourage social media engagement for busy executives. 

This course qualifies for 7 CFRE Education Credits


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