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Training Course

Build a Social Media Strategy

Self-Paced eLearning
Half-day or less

Learn how to develop your social media plan and start today!

Your organization’s active presence on social media can be a powerful way to demonstrate your connection to your community, the efforts you are making toward accomplishing your mission, and the impact you have on the sector. Being engaged on social media can encourage funders, donors and volunteers to support your cause in a deeper way. 

The best way to position your organization for that type of support and commitment is to have a social media plan and strategy. Randomly posting without first figuring out what you want to accomplish, whom you’re trying to reach, and what you want people to do, is not a strategy. 

If you need help thinking through those questions, you’ll find the answers in this self-directed eLearning course. You’ll develop your social media plan covering, how to target the people you want to reach, setting your objectives for social media activity, choosing the strategies you’ll employ to accomplish those goals, and the available tools you can use to execute your plan effectively. 

This course was created with content from subject matter expert John Kenyon, Nonprofit Technology Educator & Strategist. 

Course Outcomes:

  • Define the audience(s) you want to reach on social media
  • Refine your social media objectives
  • Draft a social media plan aligned with your organization’s strategic goals
  • Identify the appropriate resource(s) for executing your plan

Intended Audience:

  • Social sector staff or volunteers with minimal experience (under two years) using social media on behalf of a nonprofit organization’s goals
  • New nonprofit organizations looking to build their brand on social media from scratch

Length: Estimated time to complete this self-paced, self-directed eLearning course is three to four hours.

This course qualifies for 4 CFRE Education Credits


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