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Philanthropy Chat: Curtis Cannon on Volunteer Management


Curtis Cannon, Vice President for Partner Services, Greater DC Cares, shares tips on how to successfully manage a volunteer management program for your organization.

Talking Philanthropy: Jeff Jarvis on the ‘Radically Transparent’ Foundation


Our new podcast Talking Philanthropy features social media strategist Larry Blumenthal and consultant Bill Silberg in conversation with people who are changing the way foundations and nonprofits do their work.

Philanthropy Chat: Janis Foster Richardson on Grassroots Grantmaking


Janis Foster Richardson, executive director of Grassroots Grantmakers, discusses tactics differentiating grassroots grantmaking from more traditional grantmaking.

Philanthropy Chat: Christine Amer Mayer on Economic Development Grantmaking at the GAR Foundation


Christine Amer Mayer, chief operating officer and general counsel at the GAR Foundation, discusses the foundation's investments in economic development.

Talking Philanthropy: Holly Ross on Nonprofit Technology Use


Our new podcast Talking Philanthropy features social media strategist Larry Blumenthal and consultant Bill Silberg in conversation with people who are changing the way foundations and nonprofits do their work.

Government Grants and Contracts 101: The Do’s and Don’t’s of Applying for Government Funding


Jennifer Walty and Imad Olmos provide insiders’ accounts of the world of New York City government grants.

Philanthropy Chat: Tom McLaughlin Discusses Mergers and Alliances


In this interview, Tom McLaughlin, founder of McLaughlin and Associates, talks about his book, Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances.

For-Profit/Not-For-Profit Dilemma: How to Choose The Right Legal form for Your Social Enterprise


In this presentation, Stephen Falla Riff, Staff Attorney in the Legal Aid Society’s Community Development program, discusses the different legal forms that social enterprises can take. He lays out the pros and cons of corporations, nonprofit organizations, and hybrid ventures, with special emphasis on taxation rules and financial needs.

Philanthropy Chat: Susan Weiner of Georgia Council for the Arts


Joe Winter from C4 Atlanta interviews Susan Weiner, Executive Director of the Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) about GCA's Advocacy Initiative.

Capturing the Attention of the Next Generation of Online Donors


This presentation focuses on a landmark study by Edge Research, Sea Change Strategies and Convio: The Next Generation of American Giving. The research team analyzed the giving habits and communication preferences of Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Matures.

Don't Go it Alone: Fundraising for Small/One-Person Development Shops


Gregory Cohen and Susan Gabriel of Cause Effective discuss how small and one-person development shops can build powerful partnerships, prioritize, and meet their fundraising goals.

Effective Online Storytelling


Allan Pressel of CharityFinders shares his tips for using the internet to tell compelling stories about your organization that can help turn interest into action.

Budgeting for Those Who Would Rather Not


Elaine Luttrull of The Juilliard School and Michael Royce of New York Foundation for the Arts explain how to create clear and useful budgets and use them as the valuable planning tools they are. Fran Smyth of The Arts & Business Council of New York moderates. This is a recording of a live event.

Meet the Scholarship Funders: Financing Your Education


This panel describes their financial aid programs and how to research and apply for scholarships and other types of student aid. This presentation is for educators, parents, and students and includes information for international students. This is a recording of a live event.

Legal Structures for Raising Funds in the U.S. to Support Foreign Charities


Laywers present legal frameworks for international charities or causes that wish to raise funds from U.S. donors. This is a recording of a live event.

Volunteers Are NOT Free! Building a Volunteer Program That Flourishes


Since April of last year, a combination of factors — the Serve America Act, The NYC Service initiative, and the economy — has significantly increased the number of nonprofit volunteers. What elements go into a charity's decision to accept, train, and choose the right assignment for a volunteer? Learn some of the ingredients of a successful volunteer program. This is a recording of a live event.

Philanthropy Chat: Benton Murphy on Letters of Intent/Inquiry


Benton Murphy, program officer for the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, explains how grantees can create a Letter of Intent/Inquiry (LOI) that meets the requirements of the Washington Regional Association Grantmakers' Common Grant Application.

Philanthropy Chat: Dana O'Neill on Scholarships for Low-Income Student Achievers


Dana O'Neill, program manager for the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, discusses the foundation's Young Scholars Program and Community College Transfer Initiative.

Philanthropy Chat: John Lippincott on Alumnae Giving for Higher Education


John Lippincott, president of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, discusses alumnae giving and its critical role in fundraising for institutions of higher education.

Meet the Author: Jane C. Geever on What Funders Have to Say


Fundraising consultant and author Jane C. Geever gives insights into the proposal process from the grantmaker's perspective. This is a recording of a live event.

Meet the Author: Morrie Warshawski, Shaking the Money Tree


Author and speaker Morrie Warshawski discusses how individuals, government agencies, foundations, corporations, small businesses, and other nonprofits can be possible supporters for film and video work. He helps grantseekers to assess which of these may be suitable prospects for a project and explains why filmmakers need skills in approaching each of these funder types. This is a recording of a live event.

Getting Started with Individual Donors


Learn the basic principles of fundraising from individuals, with particular emphasis on understanding the stages of the Donor Development Cycle. Judy Levine and Greg Cohen of Cause Effective answer questions on how to find and approach prospects, how to recognize their gifts, and the board's role in fundraising. This is a recording of a live event.

Philanthropy Chat: Nicole Hanrahan on Earned Income


Nicole Hanrahan, director of Community Wealth Ventures, discusses strategies nonprofits can use to generate their own revenue, based on her experience as a consultant to an array of organizations pursuing business ventures in the areas of economic development, education, and other major fields. Ms. Hanrahan shares advice, tips, and pitfalls to avoid when beginning a nonprofit social enterprise aimed at earned income.

The Volunteer Leadership Ladder


Learn about what makes a successful volunteer program; how to plan, manage, and evaluate corporate volunteer efforts; and details about Credit Suisse's volunteer program. This is a recording of a live event in New York on April 30, 2009.

Philanthropy Chat: Jonathan Bydlak on Scholarships Funded by Individual Donors


Jonathan Bydlak, executive director of, discusses how the nonprofit online service enables donors to direct their contributions to the types of students they would like to fund. The nonprofit then awards scholarships to students based on the interests of donors in the marketplace.