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Philanthopy Chat: Board Service From the Perspective of the Young Professional


Pheobe Bicknell of YNPNdc (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network DC), discusses board service from the point of view of a young professional.

Support for Artists: A Resources Seminar by New York Foundation for the Arts


Representatives from New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), Elena Dubas and Eleanor Whitney talk about the free resources, fundraising and support programs offered by the NYFA.

Philanthropy Chat: Global Fund for Children


Victoria Dunning, Vice President for Programs at the Global Fund for Children, outlines the Fund’s view of what children need to succeed: learning, safe places, a healthy mind and body, and enterprise (life and workplace skills).

Philanthropy Chat: Funding Trends for African Issue-based NGOs


Niamani Mutima discusses funding trends affecting and influencing foundations that are currently funding in Africa. Mutima is Executive Director of the Africa Grantmakers' Affinity Group.

Philanthropy Chat: Nonprofit Staff Management & Retention


Pratichi Shah, human resources strategist, shares how nonprofit organizations should be as purposeful in managing staff as they are at managing their programs to successfully achieve their missions.

Philanthropy Chat: Caroline Woodward on Collaboration


Caroline Woodward, Director of Development and PR at Bethlehem Haven, talks about how her organization was founded as a strategic collaboration with five area churches focused on providing services such as alcohol recovery, health care, and dental services.

Philanthropy Chat: Danette Knudson on Collaboration


Danette Knudson, Director of Centers for Student Success at NELA, talks about how her organization's role as member of the Washington Scholarship Coalition's steering committee.

Philanthropy Chat: Jeanna Capito on Collaboration


Jeanna Capito, founding Executive Director of a county-wide early childhood collaborative system, Positive Parenting DuPage, talks about how her organization is actually a collaboration itself, with over 150 partner organizations.

Philanthropy Chat: Pam Seamans on Collaboration


Pam Seamans, Executive Director at North Carolina Alliance for Health, talks about collaborative work around policy issues.

Philanthropy Chat: Jennifer Vollmann on Collaboration


Jennifer Vollmann, Executive Director at New Global Citizens, talks about how her organization started out as Youth Re:Action Corps in Tempe, Arizona, and Youth Philanthropy Worldwide in San Francisco, California.

Philanthropy Chat: Jim King on Collaboration


Jim King is Executive Director at Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises, Inc. (FAHE), which is a regional nonprofit association of around fifty organizations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, & West Virginia.

Philanthropy Chat: Samin Dadelahi on Collaboration


Samin Dadelahi, senior program officer at the Wyoming Community Foundation, discusses her experience and involvement with the strategic collaboration of the Wyoming Afterschool Alliance.

Philanthropy Chat: Robert Drake on Collaboration


Robert Drake, the Artistic Director of the Academy Theatre, discusses collaboration and the impact on non-profit survival. 

Philanthropy Chat: Jennifer Browning on Collaboration


Jennifer Browning is Executive Director of the Biodiversity Project and works directly with the Mississippi River Network, a 10-state, 30-member coalition.

Frances Kunreuther on Catalysts for Change: How California Nonprofits Can Deliver Direct Services and Transform Communities


Frances Kunreuther discusses Catalysts for Change: How California Nonprofits Can Deliver Direct Services and Transform Communities.

Young Nonprofit Professionals Discuss Good in Theory, Problems in Practice


A discussion of the YNPN report “Good in Theory, Problems in Practice” with Trish Tchume and Amanda Pape Lenaghan.

Philanthropy Chat: David Neff and Randal Moss on Innovation in Nonprofits


David Neff and Randal Moss cover topics in their book, The Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age. They talk about barriers to innovation, address common misconceptions, and describe a case study.

Philanthropy Chat: Peter Kim on Nonprofit Funding Models


Peter Kim, a manager at Bridgespan who focuses on growth strategies for nonprofits, explains why funding models are important, describes how to develop them, and discusses when they are most appropriate.

Philanthropy Chat: Jason Saul Discusses the End of Fundraising


Jason Saul discusses key points from his book, The End of Fundraising: Raising More Money by Selling Your Impact. Saul explains why traditional fundraising is expensive to do and describes how the social capital market can support nonprofits.

Philanthropy Chat: Marilyn Hoyt Discusses Reality Fundraising


Joe Winter from C4 Atlanta interviews Marilyn Hoyt, nonprofit consultant and Foundation Center instructor, about her program "Reality Fundraising: Lessons Learned from Successful Arts Organizations”, presented during Funding for Arts Month at the Foundation Center-Atlanta.

Philanthropy Chat: Why Arts Organizations Should Collect Data


Joe Winter and Jessyca Holland of C4 Atlanta discuss their program "Why Arts Organizations Should Collect Data”, presented during Funding for Arts Month at the Foundation Center-Atlanta.

Philanthropy Chat: Janelle Kerlin Discusses Social Enterprise: A Global Comparison


Janelle Kerlin, assistant professor at Georgia State University, discusses her work on the book Social Enterprise: A Global Comparison

Philanthropy Chat: Adam Natale of Fractured Atlas


Joe Winter from C4 Atlanta interviews Adam Natale, Director of Partnerships and Business Development with Fractured Atlas, about the programs "The Artist’s Survival Guide" and “Why Arts Organizations Should Collect Data”, presented during Funding for Arts Month at the Foundation Center-Atlanta.

Talking Philanthropy: Leslie Crutchfield on 'Do More Than Give'


Our Talking Philanthropy podcast features social media strategist Larry Blumenthal and consultant Bill Silberg in conversation with people who are changing the way foundations and nonprofits do their work.

Philanthropy Chat: Rob Sheehan on Strategy Development for Nonprofits


Dr. Robert M. Sheehan, Jr. discusses how strategy development will help nonprofits overcome “mission gap” and increase their organizational impact. He also points out the seven deadly sins of nonprofit strategy. Sheehan is the Academic Director of the Executive MBA Program at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park.