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The Future Funding Question: How Do You Answer?

Jul 22, 2011

More funders are asking this question, yet a 2009 report suggests that most nonprofits may not have good answers. What is your answer when donors ask how you will keep your program running if they stop giving you money?

Learn from our expert panelists about what funders want to hear when you talk about your sustainability plan, so you'll have an answer ready when (not if) you're asked.

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Kevin D. Monroe, Managing Partner and Founder of X Factor Consulting, is a recognized leader in helping nonprofits build sustainable organizations and programs. He is a popular keynote speaker and communicator on the principles and practices that promote sustainability. His mission is to unleash the potential of leaders and maximize opportunities for them and their organizations to make the world a better place. Read his full bio.


Dave Koser is the Program Associate at the Lancaster County Community Foundation, a non-profit organization that advances the vitality and well-being of people in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Dave plays an integral role in granting more than $2 million to the Lancaster community on an annual basis by managing the organization’s competitive grant making process, working closely with nonprofit grant applicants and community volunteers who review grant proposals. Dave also oversees the Community Foundation’s scholarship distribution process, which provides financial assistance to Lancaster County students pursuing higher education.