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Are You A Social Entrepreneur?

Jul 26, 2012

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Social innovation and entrepreneurship is much talked about these days, but what do the terms really mean? In this discussion panelists discuss what qualities  social entrepreneurs possess, and look at the concept from the nonprofit perspective, addressing how it differs from traditional corporate structure, even one with a socially-minded mission.


Panelists Nell and Abby helped us define social innovation and social entrepreneurship:

  • Social innovation and social entrepreneurship are one and the same; game-changing ideas for solving social problems, which can happen inside and outside of organizations, in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, and among those creating social change and those funding that change. (Nell)
  • Social innovation is the spark that causes someone to create some change. Social entrepreneurship is a process that social entrepreneurs apply to build or transform institutions and advance solutions to social problems like poverty, climate change, and human rights abuses. (Abby)

You might be a social entrepreneur if you possess these qualities:

  • An undying hunger for social change
  • Big vision
  • The energy and passion to convince others to join
  • Discipline to align strategy with financing
  • A truly creative streak
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • Tenacity to solve the problem no matter what

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Abby Chroman

Abby Chroman works at Ashoka, where she leads global community curation for AshokaHub, an online space for Ashoka's entrepreneurs to find each other and share resources. She has also coordinated search and selection of new Fellows in the US, engagement of US Fellows, and contributed as Mobilizer for Ashoka's

Nell Edgington

Nell Edgington is president of Social Velocity, a nonprofit management consulting firm where she helps nonprofits grow their programs, find firmer financial footing, create a pitch for money to strengthen or grow their organizations, create strategic plans and much more.

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