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Responding to Negative Comments on Social Media

Feb 12, 2015  

Learn how to appropriately respond to negative social media posts. This is a transcript of live tweet coverage of an in-person session at Foundation Center Atlanta.

Build Your Matching Gift Mojo

Jun 18, 2014  

What efforts should you focus on to maximize the matching gifts that your organization can get? Answers from Adam Weinger, president of Double the Donation, and Brett Tidwell, Coordinator of Matching Gifts for The Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University.

Get Grants for Using Corporate Volunteers

Mar 27, 2014  

What are "Dollars for Doers" corporate grants? If your org has employed volunteers, you might qualify for them. Learn about them from Adam Weinger, president of Double the Donation.

How to Choose a Fiscal Sponsor

Jan 30, 2014  

When choosing a fiscal sponsor, what should you look for (or avoid)? What questions should you ask? Get answers from attorney Ellis Carter of Carter Law Group, P.C., and Jonathan Spack, steering committee chair for  National Network of Fiscal Sponsors and executive director of Third Sector New England.

How to Thank Your Donors

Nov 18, 2013  

Your thank you letter can motivate donors to stay with (or leave) your organization. Learn the dos & don’ts of thanking your supporters from Andrea Berry, director of partnerships and learning at Idealware, and Lisa Sargent, president of Sargent Communications.

Turn Your Tryers Into Buyers, Donors, and Advocates

Oct 29, 2013  

How do you turn your single ticket attendees (“Tryers”) into loyal return/repeat customers (“Buyers”), and eventually into Donors and Advocates? Get answers from Joanne Steller, Vice President of Strategic Communications at TRG Arts.

PRIs: Who Should Seek Them & How to Get Them

Sep 25, 2013  

Program-related investments (PRIs) make inexpensive capital available from foundations to nonprofit or for-profit enterprises. Learn about this alternative revenue source from Stephaney Kipple, Real Estate Consulting Analyst for Northern California Community Loan Fund, and Tony Wells, President & CEO of the Tony R. Wells Foundation.

Raise More Money with Returning Donors

Aug 28, 2013  

Nonprofits can raise more funds AND save fundraising costs if they have more returning donors. Learn the why and how from veteran consultants and authors Erik Daubert and Pamela Grow.

What's Your Asking Style?

Jul 24, 2013  

Identify your "fundraising style" so you can ask for donations comfortably. Learn how this process can help your org develop an "asking culture" and why this is important to successful fundraising, from veteran consultants and authors Andrea Kihlstedt and Karla Williams.

Your Proposal Writing Questions, Answered

Jun 18, 2013  

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in our Proposal Writing classes, with Foundation Center trainers David Holmes and Kim Patton.

How Small Nonprofits Can Use Big Data

Apr 24, 2013  

Why should small nonprofits care about Big Data? How can they use it? Steve Boland and Jake Porway (Datakind) provide answers, concrete examples, and first steps.

What's in Your Donor Dossier?

Mar 21, 2013  

Veteran consultants Tony Martignetti and Maria Semple share strategies and methods for developing a stellar donor dossier.

How to Get Grants for Your International Work

Feb 26, 2013  

Attorneys Kelly Shipp Simone and Sheila Warren answer questions on steps international NGOs need to take to apply for grants from U.S. foundations.

After the Cliff: Nonprofit Policy Issues in 2013

Jan 10, 2013  

Rick Cohen and Robert Egger discuss the way ahead in 2013 in the wake of fiscal cliff discussions that put the charitable deduction on the table.

Ready for Revenue Planning? 5 Qs to Ask Yourself

Dec 06, 2012  

Answer these questions if you're thinking about developing new revenue streams. With Nancy Osgood (The Osgood Group) and Stephen Pratt (Root Cause).

Engaging the Next Generation of Philanthropists

Sep 26, 2012  

Emily Davis from EDA Consulting LLC and David Gonzalez from United Way of Greater St. Louis answer questions on where to find young donors and how to keep them engaged in your work.

Can Collaborative Fundraising Work for You?

Aug 24, 2012  

This Q&A explores the benefits of collaborative fundraising arrangements between organizations and features Jonathan Howard (Cause & Effect) and Jeffrey Ouellette (Central Square Theater).

Are You A Social Entrepreneur?

Jul 26, 2012  

How do social entrepreneurs make and measure social impact? What qualities do they possess? With Abby Chroman of Ashoka and Nell Edgington of Social Velocity.

Is Your Nonprofit 3 Months from Disaster?

Jun 25, 2012  

How much should your nonprofit have in operating reserves? How do you build them up? With Alice Antonelli and Rodney Christopher of the Nonprofit Finance Fund.

Funding for Social Enterprise: Myth or Reality?

May 29, 2012  

How can businesses with a social component secure funding through investment or crowdsourcing? With Tom Dawkins of and Josh Cohen of City Light Capital.

Shared Spaces & Services: Smart & Sustainable

Apr 30, 2012  

China Brotsky, founder of NonprofitCenters Network, and Peggy Eagan, executive director of the Children and Family Services Center discuss how your nonprofit can benefit from sharing spaces and services.

Is Mobile Giving Right for You?

Mar 16, 2012  

This Q&A explores what nonprofits should have in place before getting into text and mobile giving and features Doug Gardner (Jump Market Strategies) and Jenifer Snyder (mGiveFoundation).

Mobile-izing Your Cause

Mar 08, 2012  

Have you jumped into mobile activism yet? Learn new ways to move your audience to act through wireless devices with Ken Banks, founder of

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Advocacy, Lobbying, and Election Activities

Feb 23, 2012  

Learn the ins and outs of nonprofit advocacy and lobbying with David Thompson, vice president of public policy at the National Council of Nonprofits, and Mark Turner, manager of public policy at the Colorado Nonprofit Association.

How to Approach a Fiscal Sponsor

Jan 30, 2012  

What should you have in place before approaching a fiscal sponsor to take on your project? With Nikki Carpenter, Program Manager, FJC Fiscal Sponsorship Program, and Katie Kern, Director of Program Administration, United Charitable Programs.