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Where can I learn about developing my nonprofit's board?

As the governing body of a nonprofit, the board of directors or board of trustees fulfills a variety of roles and responsibilities. Among its many duties, the board:

  • Oversees the financial operations of the organization
  • Maintains the legal and ethical standing of the organization and its staff
  • Provides leadership and strategic direction for the organization
  • Ensures that an organization remains accountable to its donors and to the general public

In order to carry out these duties effectively, the board will often need to expand as an organization grows and matures. While recruitment is one important step in this process, a broad, systematic approach to board development, including orientation, training, evaluation, and the cultivation of prospective board members, is critical to ensuring the long-term success of any board.

To learn more about developing nonprofit boards, we offer the following training:

Your Board and Fundraising: An Introductory Class for Small Nonprofits, which includes information on getting your board involved in the fundraising process. Available free as an online webinar and as an in-person class.

Before You Seek a Grant: A Checklist for New Nonprofits, our free recorded webinar that discusses how to develop a governing board for a new organization. 

Local organizations, like volunteer agencies and United Way chapters, also may offer programs that train people how to be effective nonprofit board members. Additionally, these programs will usually match trainees with nonprofits who are looking for board members.

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