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Fiscal Sponsorship



Fiscal Sponsorship for Artists and Arts Organizations


Discussion of the fiscal sponsorship arrangement under which a charitable project without 501(c)(3) status might benefit from the tax-exempt status and administrative support of a sponsoring organization.



Online Classes


Grantseeking Basics for Individuals in the Arts Webinar

Recorded Webinar  |  Free

An overview of the funding research process for individuals working in the arts, including visual and performing artists, creative writers, filmmakers, etc. Topics covered include: who funds individual artists; types of grants available for artists; why grantmakers support artists; and how to find grant

Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship

Self-Paced eLearning  |  Free

A detailed look at how individual grantseekers can affiliate with an organization to increase their chances for receiving funding.

Sample Documents


Proposal from Healthy Eating & Active Living Buckeye, Larchmere & Woodland Hills Community Council to Neighborhood Connections

Received funds to plant organic gardens and provide training to neighborhood residents with limited access to quality, affordable, fresh produce. This project had a fiscal sponsor.

Proposal from Fairfax Inter-organizational Network to Neighborhood Connections

Faith-based group received funds for a quilting project that aimed to engage underserved youth and seniors and build community pride and connections among residents and area churches. This project had a fiscal sponsor.

Proposal from Larchmere PorchFest to Neighborhood Connections

Neighborhood received funds to host a one-day festival, free and open to all, in which local musicians perform on porches of residents and businesses throughout the neighborhood. This project had a fiscal sponsor.

Proposal from Rocky Ridge Neighborhood Association to Raymond Jean Wean Foundation

Received funds to add signs and landscaping to neighborhood entrances, and to create an association website to market the area and enable communication and document sharing among residents. This project had a fiscal sponsor.

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How to Choose a Fiscal Sponsor

Jan 30, 2014  

When choosing a fiscal sponsor, what should you look for (or avoid)? What questions should you ask? Get answers from attorney Ellis Carter of Carter Law Group, P.C., and Jonathan Spack, steering committee chair for  National Network of Fiscal Sponsors and executive director of Third Sector New England.

How to Approach a Fiscal Sponsor

Jan 30, 2012  

What should you have in place before approaching a fiscal sponsor to take on your project? With Nikki Carpenter, Program Manager, FJC Fiscal Sponsorship Program, and Katie Kern, Director of Program Administration, United Charitable Programs.

Shaking the Money Tree for Film and Video Fundraising

Oct 06, 2011  

Veteran consultant and writer Morrie Warshawski, and his daughter, Leah, a filmmaker, answer questions about raising funds for film and video projects.