IssueLab and GrantCraft gather, index, and share the collective intelligence of the social sector. They deliver knowledge that funders need to be effective in their work, across various strategies and issue areas. 

  • Diverse collections of resources to be strategic and effective
  • The latest research available free
  • Gain perspective on funder strategies


Collecting, Connecting, and Sharing Knowledge About Critical Social Issues

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IssueLab: Collecting, Connecting, and Sharing Knowledge About Critical Social Issues

Lessons learned in the field have greater and more enduring value when others can build on them. Since Issuelab's very beginnings we've held that social sector knowledge is a public good, meant to be freely accessible to all.

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Custom Services

Feature a collection of research on your own website of what your organization is learning, funding, or creating.

You don't need to build a custom publications section or have in-house expertise in maintaining an online library to effectively share your knowledge. 

Our Special Collections and Knowledge Synthesis services are designed to leverage existing, practice-based, knowledge; surfacing important insights and evidence from organizations around the world.

Digital object identifiers (DOIs) provide a way for organizations to start moving toward more accurate knowledge management and knowledge-sharing metrics.

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Immigration Strategies

Immigration Strategies

Improving Access to Palliative Care
Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable Fisheries


Funder wisdom. Foundation Center know-how. Practical, free resources.

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Improve Your Practice of Philanthropy

GrantCraft combines the collective wisdom of funders worldwide with Foundation Center expertise to help funders increase the impact of their funds.

Jen Bokoff
Jen Bokoff
Director of Stakeholder Engagement

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How can we know what other funders know?

Foundation Ideas are shareable collections of free reports, guides evaluations, and case studies that gather the hard-won knowledge of primary sources such as funders, grantees, and evaluators, so you can apply their collective experience to your philanthropic practice and challenges. Through IssueLab and GrantCraft, Foundation Ideas helps you:

  • Distill knowledge from reports, evaluations, and case studies
  • Contribute to a free and public collection of social sector knowledge
  • Share what your organization has funded or created
  • Learn from the practical wisdom of funders worldwide

Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services are data-driven tools and content-rich platforms developed by Foundation Center for funders and their networks, consultants, advisors, and grantees.

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