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Blog posts tagged with Foundations

5 Ways The Yelp Foundation Keeps Grantmaking Local

Yelp is a mobile app that connects people with great local businesses in more than 30 countries. In 2011 Yelp created the Yelp Foundation with one percent of company equity with the intent to make an impact locally. Here are five ways the Foundation keeps their grantmaking local.

Foundation Transparency: Game Over?

Over time, the IRS will phase in a mandatory digital filing requirement for all Forms 990, and the intent is to release them all as open data. In other words, that which is born digital will be opened up to the public. The big takeaway is to know your 990-PF (or 990 for community foundations) because it may soon become one of your foundation's key communications vehicles.

5 Rs of Getting Philanthropic Support for Your Grassroots Organization

A representative of a local grassroots nonprofit asked a challenging question at a Foundation Center San Francisco event last month: How can smaller grassroots organizations compete with more established nonprofits to garner the support of funders? Shawn Dove from the Campaign for Black Male Achievement had some valuable advice, which he calls the “5 Rs”.

Find Funders for Your Geographic Area

In this month's Quick Poll, we'd like to learn more about the geographic scope of your nonprofit's services. Take our Quick Poll, now through April 24, and get some tips on how you can find funding prospects that match your geographic service area.

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