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Your Communications Team Is Bigger Than You Think

Communication is a team effort! Whether they know it or not, your team is constantly representing your organization. Learn how to empower your colleagues to be effective messengers with these tips from Eric Jacobson, of Proaireton Consulting.

Seven Charitable Foundation Rules: Myth and Reality

Daniel N. Belin, owner of Belin Consulting, discusses seven rules governing foundation grantmaking that are often misconstrued or misunderstood. He talks about the types of organizations foundations may support (not just 501(c)(3)s), what activities they cannot support, and giving to non-U.S. charities through a U.S.-based support organization.

Meeting In The Middle: Intersectionality

“Talk about intersectionality: too poor, too black, too gay. For all these folk, somebody always thinks they deserve more than them.” LaTosha Brown challenged the audience at Foundation Center Cleveland's Rising Tide Remix to get uncomfortable and to examine who makes them so. Read the recap of this event.

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